Music Jam 2014
MusicJam2014 Logo

The logo for the Music Jam.
When July 17, 2014 - June 29, 2014
Free Item(s) Blue Microphone,
CPYS Music Jam Hat,
CPYS Music Jam Shirt,
Blue Popcorn
Location CPYS Island
Mascot(s) None

The Music Jam 2014 is a party in CPYSv2 to celebrate an annual Music Jam. Custom items were released during the party.

Free ItemsEdit

Image Item Found Available
BlueMicrophone Icon Blue Microphone Dance Club Yes
CPYSMusicJamHat Icon CPYS Music Jam Hat Cove Yes
CPYS Music Jam Shirt CPYS Music Jam Shirt Backstage Yes
Blue Popcorn Blue Popcorn Dance Club Rooftop Yes



Party RoomsEdit




Login ScreensEdit

Parties and Events in CPYSv2
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