To maintain a safe, positive environment for CPYS users to share their favourite moments and more, certain rules have to be followed in order for that to be done. If the rules are not followed, however, editing privileges may be removed permanently. We ask that you please take everyone into consideration and help us out by being truthful and fair. Thanks, and have an awesome time posting!

General RulesEdit

  • No cussing or inappropriate behaviour.                                                          
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  • Do not reveal personal information.
  • Avoid bullying or harassing any other editors.
  • Try not to advertise separate wikias unless they relate to CPYS. (ie. the first CPYS wikia)
  • No block bypassing.
  • Contact a wikia administrator if any rules are broken.

These rules are set for the entire wikia. Please refrain from doing any of these things in both the articles and chat. Additional rules that are specifically in place for different parts of the wikia will be listed below.

Editing RulesEdit

Rules for adding new posts:

  • Create topics that pertain to CPYSv2; Please do not write about your own personal penguins.
  • Make sure your post is original and does not already exist on the wikia.
  • Stay away from voicing personal opinions,(negativity will not be tolerated) and stick to known facts.
  • Do your best to use correct forms of spelling and/or grammar.
  • Revise your entire article before publishing to catch possible mistakes.
  • Visit the Wiki Content page to include your article in the list of links that are given.

Rules for fixing up posts:

  • Do not mess with pages unless you are writing correct information; "Trolling" and forms of vandalism are prohibited.
  • If you see that a post may not be reaching its full potential, edit it in a way to make it sound and look better but please do not fully erase the content (changing the entire thing may make people feel bad about what they have written).
  • Check if the article already has a category. If not, add one to keep the wikia organized.
  • All other general rules apply. (See above)

Chat RulesEdit

  • No spamming or flooding the chat.
  • All other general rules apply. (See above)

Failure to follow these simple rules may get you kicked/banned from the chat.