It quickly became known to past CPYS players that there would be a spinoff to the original CPPS, but the staff was dealing with a considerable amount of trouble deciding when it would get up and running. After going through a tough time of advertising and gaining enough support, the CPPS opened up to a few exclusive players in order to identify any bugs/issues with the game.

On the CPPS

CPYSv2 originally opened up for staff-only beta testing shortly after the announcement of the private server was made, but was shortened to a testing period of one day due to VPS issues. On February 8th, 2014, the CPPS opened once more for a semi-public testing, which consisted of both the staff and a few select players that had previously contributed to the server. For the most part, testing went well but was cut short because of because of some more pesky VPS issues. Unfortunately, whilst Hucci went to work on figuring out the cause of the problems, none of the testers were able to log back on to continue their jobs.

Current Standings

It is unknown as of right now whether or not there will be another chance to log on the server, but because because of the long wait for the CPPS, there will most likely not be any further beta testing. Majority of the bugs and commands were able to be figured out, which is thanks to the help of the awesome users! The CPPS is expected to be fully functional, up and running in the near future. 

Noted Testers (excluding staff):
  • GlitterGirl
  • Moderator Z

*​If there are any other testers that are not included in this list, feel free to let an admin know in order to be added.